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HDR Booth Slide
High Dynamic Range

hdr booth slide
Merge to HDR
For the above picture, the booth was set up with the canopy at an indoor show. We angled all the overhead lights upwards to bounce off the roof providing softened even lighting. Then I took a series of photographs at different exposures with the camera on a tripod and used "Merge to HDR" filter in Photoshop CS4 to combine three images (shown below) which retained detail in the brightest and darkest areas of the scene. Because the canopy was used, the artist now has a booth image that can be used for both indoor and outdoor shows.
Shooting Tips
A tripod is mandatory, as is a digital camera that allows setting the exposure on manual to bracket. Some cameras have an auto bracket setting that can be used to create three or more exposures to combine. I set the aperture (lens opening) and bracketed with the shutter speed to maintain unchanging depth of field between images.
Also, common sense when shooting a booth picture. Never shoot an outdoor booth in direct sunlight because the white canopy becomes a headlight and a distraction in the jury room. Shoot on a cloudy or overcast day. And if shooting an indoor booth, try with the booth lights off and with them on. Normally shooting an indoor booth that has lighting on the artwork creates unrecoverable hot spots.


Digital Jury Resources

Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images


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