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The Cherry Creek Jury Workshop
November 10, 2011

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I just returned from a workshop sponsored by The Cherry Creek Arts Festival where images were projected for about 80 artists. We were able to see our images like they would be seen during the actual jury process. The invited juror (Jerry Gilmore) spent much of his time talking about the booth image. His experience as a museum curator steered him to prefer booth images that were staged in a photographer's studio or retail venue. He had problems with peripherals like awnings, track lighting and print bins showing in the booth. During the workshop, the Director of the Cherry Creek Festival used the phrase "staged booth image" which is a very accurate term to describe what the juror was looking for.
The mixed booth picture message
Aside from the what the message was of what Cherry Creek is looking for (or at least thinks is OK) as a minimal booth image, someone mentioned that the Bayou City Houston show wants to see all the booth accessories in the picture as it would be set up at their show. As a result of what we saw and was discussed, I wonder why the festival directors wouldn't want more control over the booth image instead of leaving it up to the jurors to decide what they want to see. Either not have artists submit pictures of their display or do submit them but not show the booth image to the jurors

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art show juror interviews and jury reviews

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