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Working with me to improve your booth slide
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Working with artists
I've worked with hundreds of artists to improve their booth image for jurying, some days I get in two or three booth images to improve. But it's usually best to have them set their display up in their driveway or backyard and e-mail me the pictures while the booth is still set up. I'll make suggestions on camera angle and placement of the art within the booth, have them reshoot and send me the images again. For this to work properly, I need to know in advance when you will be setting up the booth to photograph and for you to call me when the first image is ready to be emailed. And you need to be using a tripod so I can suggest changing the camera position.
Before and after example of working with an artist to create a good looking booth slide.
No Photoshop booths
A term used in a few applications. What they mean is that they do not want to see booths "created" in Photoshop. Understandable since at each open jury I've attended I've seen booth images that didn't look right, maybe they were floating in mid air or the artwork floating on the booth walls with no shadows. If it looks wrong it wastes valuable time that the jurors spend looking at your images, trying to figure out why it looks wrong.
26 tips to get started on photographing your booth to send me the images. Also read my article on how to set your camera to photograph art.

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