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Improving Your Art Show Booth Slide

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Iíve worked with dozens of artists helping them improve their product photography and their booth slide. Every artist (well almost every artist) knows how important a professional looking booth slide needs to be. Though a show may never tell you how itís going to be used, at the very least it will be used to break a tie if two or more artists have the same jury score. And in the case of work where the size isn't clear, it will be used to give the jurors a sense of scale.
To improve their booth slide, I have artists set up their booth in their house or backyard (not at a show) and e-mail me their images while the booth is still set up. Then I make suggestions on the placement of the items in the booth, camera position or how the exposure can be improved enough for me to do the final post processing and make it look like a professional display photo. The result gives them a better chance of getting into shows.

A significant improvement over the original booth slide (below) sent to me by the artist when I prepared the images for jurying

To take the above image, I suggested setting up the booth outside the house at a time of day where direct sunlight wouldn't hit the canopy. I also suggested placement of the tables and camera angle. The image was captured by the artist using a point and shoot camera set up on a tripod. The initial images were too light with no detail in the canopy because the artist pointed the camera too far down so that the metering was based on averaging the black table cloths. The camera was set for auto exposure because the artist didn't understand manual settings and bracketing so I suggested including two thirds more of the white canopy in the top half of the image which brought back detail in the canopy. Then I cropped for the resulting composition. After I uploaded the new booth image to ZAPP, I received an e-mail from the artist telling me that as the booth shot was being taken in front of the house, someone stopped by and purchased a $118 necklace.

Digital Jury Resources

Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images


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