Two EZUP Canopies Destroyed in One Weekend

an e-mail I received from an artist I've been working with

local news video of the storm damage

YouTube video of the storm damage

The weekend I lost the E-Z Up tent that I was telling you about, I lost TWO of them. I set up the night before on Thursday, and Friday morning the show called me to tell me my tent had been destroyed, and I would I please come help move the debris as the people next to me wanted to set up. I dragged myself out of bed and drove out to the site, sure enough, it was a mess. The people in the spot adjacent to me were setting up their Trimline; they were very accommodating and, obviously feeling sorry for me, offered to loan me a spare E-Z Up they had in storage. I figured "any port in a storm" so the husband drives back home to get it for me, I helped his wife set up their Trimline. The guy comes back and we cobble together E-Z Up #2; I was several hours late getting up and running but managed to make it though the Friday, with my nerves shattered and no sales. Friday night there was ANOTHER storm, and not only was my E-Z Up #2 wiped out, but every other stinkin' E-Z Up in the whole joint. Glass makers, pottery people... there was debris scattered all over the street, the news helicopters were lying overhead to report on the damage. All the Trimline people were unscathed. Thankfully I had the foresight to haul my artwork home that evening and my Armstrong panels didn't get knocked around too terribly bad, but talk about a lesson learned. I'm now using a Trimline as you can see from the new booth image I've sent for you to clean up.

the above picture is the artist's new booth image for jurying

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