Restoring an Old Photo for use on a Family Web Site

This JPEG file was posted to a forum I participate in. If the resulting file were to be printed I would have wanted to control the scanning to set up an optimum work flow for best results. But just working on the posted JPEG gave results that look fine on a web site.

JPEG of original old photograph

Save As a PSD to work on it without further degrading the image
Liberal use of the clone tool, especially in the vertical bend in the center
Cloned part of the sweater from the man on the right (second in) to the man on the left and used the clone and smudge tool to blend
Use of the clone tool to rebuild his face as best I could (man on the left)
The faces were lightened a little, on an individual basis, using the dodge tool
Curves to lighten but not blow out the highlights
A small amount of Unsharp Mask and Photoshop's Save For Web to create the compressed jpeg
To get the detail in the restoration, I used a Wacom tablet and stylus
Recommended for all graphics work instead of a mouse

New Version
Resulting JPEG

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