Inexpensive easy to use Digital Video Camera

Our puppy Xena is two years old and so far we've bought (and sold) two digital video cameras and have now purchased our third to capture video of her. Each time we get a video camera it sits unused until I sell it for a loss on eBay because it's too complicated for my wife or myself to spend the time to learn how to use it. And even more of a roadblock is the video software fiasco which seems to be like you can't get anywhere from here without spending a fortune not knowing whether it will do what you need it to do.
So this time I've purchased the simplest video camera that has high definition and good ratings. It's the Creative Labs Vado HD (Second Generation) and I was surprised to find it for only $99 on the Costco's web site. It's even cheaper from Adorama where they have it for $79. There are two second generation models, the only difference is that the original one only had PC software installed and the newer version has MAC software also. If you don't need the MAC software, it's the first second generation version that's so inexpensive.
Anyway, though I still don't know how to edit the videos, within two hours of receiving the camera, I took Xena to see my mother in law and put two unedited videos on YouTube for my family to see. The included software offers automatic upload to YouTube. And the camera comes with an HDMI cable so you can see the videos on an HDTV. Even Xena sat and watched herself on TV. One tip I can give you is to keep your clips short. I'm going to try and keep them under a minute so the movies can upload faster and not bore people.


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