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Paper Cutters
Left to right: Fiskars rotary cutter, C&H Mat Cutter, Falcon paper cutter, and Premier paper cutter.

My favorite for trimming photographic
paper is the Rototrim (pictured left)

I've basically found the Fiskars useless. The wheel kept falling off. Too much maintenance required.

The C&H is a great mat cutter. I've owned two of them for over 25 years. When I purchased my wall mounted Speed Mat (scroll down for a picture) about six years ago I sold the older one and kept this one for trimming the mats to size.

The Falcon paper cutter (scroll down for the close up pictures) is my favorite for cutting all kinds of paper, including ink jet and photographic prints. It uses regular safety blades and can do a great job in no time at all. I originally purchased one about 15 years ago and wore it out. It took two years to find it again so I immediately bought two, one for the basement framing room and one for my computer room. You can now purchase it from B&H Photo.

The Premier trimmer is about 30 years old. It's the old style that's made out of solid wood and has never warped. It's real handy for sizing under 20 inch mat board without having to pull the C&H out from the shelf under the table.

The Rototrim is the best for trimming photographic paper. I use a 15 inch Rototrim for trimming the photographs I get printed at Costco on 12x18 paper. I never have to cut the 18 inch length and the 15 inch trimmer fits better on my work table. You can purchase it from B&H Photo.

Speed Mat
Speed Mat wall mounted mat cutter

Falcon paper cutter
Falcon 14 inch paper cutter

Falcon paper cutter uses safety razor blades

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