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Don't miss this opportunity to see first hand exactly how your jury images will look when projected with the Roku and LCD projector system with the exact specifications as ZAPP will be using. 
Send me your digital files in advance to save time, or bring them to one of the seminars.
If you're planning on sending me your files by e-mail, send them one at a time and include your last name in the file name. For example: berman01.jpg, berman02.jpg, etc.

Call (800-350-9289) with a credit card number
or mail a check to:
Larry Berman
PO Box 265 Russellton, PA 15076
412-767-8644 * 800-350-9289

Pay for a seminar now using PayPal
Please reference which seminar you're paying for

If you're sending a CD of images for the slide show,
please include seminar payment or prepay
E-mail me your zapped images
add your name to the file name
for example, berman01.jpg, berman02.jpg, etc.
send one image per e-mail

I can open MAC formatted CDs but it takes more time than a universally formatted CD. Be careful how you set your CD burning preferences.

Hire Larry to prepare your images for submission
24 hour turnaround possible if I'm not at a show

Contact me for more information
E-mail Larry Berman
412-767-8644 800-350-9289
PO Box 265 Russellton, PA 15076