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A really annoying pop up Messenger Service window
Don't you hate it when you can't control your own computer

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It started when I upgraded Internet Explorer 6 with SP1. Over the course of two weeks this really intrusive pop up window appeared on my computer late at night about three times.
Messenger Service Pop Up
November 9, 2002
I went through the motions of disabling Messenger Service last evening and will report back on whether or not I receive any more pop ups.
January 5, 2003
Almost two months since I created this page and I haven't received a pop up. It works.
Information from the Direct Advertiser web site:
How to set up your system not to receive netbios messages

To disable the ability for anyone in the world to send netbios messages to your computer, you can disable the Messenger service. Its easy to reverse if you wish to later. If you do not wish to disable File and Printer Sharing you may install a firewall and block the incoming traffic on port 135 UDP. We are aware that there are several knock-offs of our software out there that send on port 137 and 139, so you may want to block those also.

Windows 2000
Click Start->Setings -> Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services
Scroll down and highlight "Messenger"
Right-click the highlighted line and choose Properties.
Click the STOP button.
Select Disable or Manual in the Startup Type scroll bar
Click OK

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