Eudora Spool Error Messages
Update 11 Feb 2004
People have been e-mailing me lately asking if I've been able to solve the problem. Instead of answering each e-mail, I figured I'd put some more relevant information on this page at the top. 

I completely solved my problem by changing the mail server by moving my web site to a new hosting company. It turns out that my old web host wasn't keeping up their equipment and eventually are shutting down the server. 

Prior to getting cable modem, I was using a program called MailWasher to let me delete spam and viruses on the server before downloading the e-mail through a dial up connection. MailWasher had a problem also. It would take two times to actually delete the marked messages because the mail server was not configured properly. I actually went over this with the programmers at MailWasher and feel that the same problem was causing MailWasher not to work properly as was causing the spool error messages in Eudora. 

I should also mention that I contacted Eudora tech support and they blamed it on NAV for trying to grab the spam messages before Eudora finished downloading them from the mail server. I got the same answers on both the Eudora forums. But that led to a temporary fix after deleting the contents of the spool folder for that profile. To this day I blame the old hosting company for not keeping up their mail server. Nothing else that I've tried solved the problem other than moving my web site.

Has anyone checked their hosting company to see if a patch has been instituted just prior to when they started getting the spool error messages?

Eudora Spool Error Message

I'm repeatedly getting spool error messages when downloading e-mail and it locks Eudora until I check the OK box. It has been happening every 20 or so messages, and always with spam, and even though there is no attachment, the messages seem to download slowly.

The message is (see above screen capture):
Could not open C:\Eudora\Spool\ml7art (my default profile)\....
Cause: No such file or directory exists (2)

Sometimes it takes three tries of clicking on the OK for the message to go away and the e-mail to finish downloading. Having the error message appear adds to the amount of duplicate message as the mail is not downloading from the server properly. I usually get between 4 and 6 duplicate messages when they finally finish downloading.

This started with the last full release (5.1 I think) and carried over through each recent beta and the latest 5.2 full release. I do have the Spamnix running but did previously to 5.1. I've upgraded to the latest build but it hasn't changed anything.

I've since deleted Spamnix and have installed Eudora 6 and still get the same error messages.

Thinking that the mail server for my "ml7art" account was corrupted, I set up a redirect to another domain I get mail from. No difference as the error messages then came in while downloading that domains mail.

Maybe Norton AntiVirus preventing the mail from downloading properly. I might be stuck with this problem until there is a new release of the antivirus software.

Has anyone else gotten these same error messages or know what's causing it?

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