Nikon SG-2 blocks the internal flash

When the D200 internal flash is set on Commander Mode, the flash has to go off to control remote SB-800s. I've experienced that the internal flash can effect the set if the subject is close to the camera position. As a work around, I'm using the SG-2 diffuser which came bundled with the SU-4 wireless remote TTL flash control I use with my old SB-24s.
I covered an SG-2 with black gaffers tape. When mounted in the flash shoe on the D200 as seen in the picture below, it enables the internal flash to go off and control the slave SB-800s but not be seen by the subject or intrude into the set.
The Nikon SG-3IR which cost $12 at B&H, appears to be the exact same thing with a piece of opaque black plastic (instead of diffusing plastic) (that hangs in front of the built in flash.
Someone should suggest to Nikon that the SG-2, or SG-3IR should also come bundled with the SB-800. It's a perfect solution to a known problem.

SG-2 mounted in the hot shoe of the Nikon D200

Nikon SG-2 flash diffuser covered with black gaffers tape (right)


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