I recently started shooting artwork for artists. Not only paintings, but three dimensional objects of different sizes for anyone who needs jury images taken so they can apply to art shows. With the permission of my wife, I set up a semi permanent studio in the half of our large living room that we rarely use. I decided on Bogen Auto Poles to support rolls of different color background paper. I'm using white, black and a slate (light) gray. Additionally I have a few temporary poles set up so I can use Varitone graduated backgrounds for smaller 3D objects. Also in the photo is a 1000MX Dyna-lite pack and two 2040 heads set up to bounce into large white umbrellas.
I also use a 30 inch EZCube system for small objects that I light with daylight florescent bulbs.
home photography studio

I shot a series of my niece doing her ballerina poses using white paper and the two lights bounced into white umbrellas

The first day I set the system up, I was nervous about how sturdy the poles may be, especially if bumped into. I used a set of Lowel safety cables to connect the top super clamps to the 2x4's supporting the top of the poles. That way, should one pole be dislodged the entire rig would still be suspended until I could safely disassemble it.

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