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Paramount Synch Cords for connecting the CoolPix 990 to your professional strobe system

Paramount now sells synch cords that connect the CoolPix cameras with most (if not all) professional strobe units. They sent me a few synch cords to test. For these pictures I used a 20 foot cord between my CoolPix and my SB-24 which was bounced into an umbrella. The exact same type of synch cord as the SC-18/19. How many times have you found the length of the Nikon cords inadequate? This appears to be the perfect solution. The cord in these two pictures is also 20 feet long and has the three pin Nikon connector on one end and the household connector, which most professional strobes use, on the other end. The Voltage Protection device will protect the CoolPix from dangerous high sync voltage that your flash may be putting out through the sync cord. All of these cords can be ordered from their web site.

Paramount synch cord with my Dynalite strobe system and the Coolpix 990

The CoolPix 990 can now be used with my two head DynaLite strobe kit
In the close up picture below, you can see the the voltage protection that's built into the
Paramount synch cord

Paramount synch cord connected to the Coolpix 990

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