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This professional portrait from our CoolPix 5000 Gallery was taken with the CoolPix 5000 and two off camera flashes and one reflector.

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Rick Applegate Rick Applegate
Rick Applegate Rick Applegate

My friend and financial advisor, Rick Applegate, needed a black and white portrait for a brochure. I shot this with my "portable studio". Main light (SB-24) #1 on the left bounced into a white umbrella. White circular reflector #3 on the right. Hair (rim) light #2 from a 200 watt second monolight with a snoot pointed at his head from 5 feet away on the rear left. He happened to be wearing a charcoal suit, so I selected the suit in Photoshop and opened it a little with curves. I hung black fabric #4 behind him, clipping it onto the top of two file cabinets. Shooting on Manual. Shutter speed set on 1/1000 so ambient light didn't affect exposure at all. F- stop bracketed manually to adjust for the review on the LCD.

Lighting Diagram

Rick Applegate financial advisor

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