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Now available for the CoolPix 5000

Kirk Photo quick release plate on my Nikon CoolPix 990

This is for those professional photographers who, like me, have quick release plates on all their cameras and long lenses. It's always been a hassle to set my CoolPix up on a tripod since all my tripod heads used the Arca Swiss style quick release. Kirk Photo has solved the problem. Kirk has come out with a custom quick release plate for the CoolPix 990 and 995.
As you can see in the illustrations, the plate hardly takes up any room on the camera. I leave it on my CoolPix all the time since all my tripods use the same style quick release. Kirk also has options if you want to add quick release capabilities to your existing tripod.

Note the small size of Kirk Photo's quick release plates
Approximately 1-1/2 inches square (above), the plates take up very little space under the camera. These plates are actually quite small and have been enlarged to show the detail. The rectangular hole in the 995 plate is for the lens lock.

CoolPix 990 on an Arca Swiss tripod head connected by Kirk Photo's quick release plate
The CoolPix 990 is mounted on an Arca Swiss B1 ballhead using Kirk plate PZ-49. Note the difference in sizes between the tripod head, which can also support Nikon's 600 F4, and the small quick release plate under my CoolPix. All my other tripod heads have a quick release platform similar to the ones below.

Kirk Photo's quick release platforms
If your tripod doesn't have quick release capabilities, you might want to consider one of Kirk Photo's quick release platforms. They even make a plate to adapt the Bogen system.

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