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The company that sells the RX bracket is currently out of business. It's a great bracket and fits the CoolPix 950, 990 and 4500. It doesn't fit the 995 because the flash is in the way.

Using The RX Flash Bracket (from RX Camera Accessories) with Nikon's AS-10 / SC-18 Combination
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I have a new gallery of family pictures taken at a black tie affair. All the pictures were taken with my CoolPix 990 and the flash set up pictured below. None have red eye and all the exposures are perfect.

The RX Flash Bracket
(formally called Versatec)

The AS-10 is Nikon's multi flash shoe which can connect three flash units plus one in the shoe. There is a 1/4x20 tripod screw socket on the bottom so it can sit on top of a tripod or light stand, or in this case, the top of the RX Flash Bracket.
The SC-18 is a five foot cable that connects Nikon strobes. It can screw into the AS-10 or directly into the SB24 (but you will still need an adapter so the flash can be connected to the 1/4x20 screw on the flash bracket) and fits the CoolPix 990 flash connector socket. There is also an SC-19 which is a ten foot longer version of the SC-18.

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