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Filter Storage Options
The Filter Wallet and Stack Cap Set

Stack Caps are also available in 28mm now
Bernie Heins has manufactured 28mm front and rear aluminum caps (like the 46mm shown above) for the 28mm CoolPix 950/990/995 filters.

Filter Wallet
The Filter Wallet shown with the accessories I carry

I always have these filters and accessories in my camera bag. I prefer to use 46mm filters and started doing so when Nikon sent me the CoolPix 5000 to review. Using the larger filter size lets me combine filters for special effects, like my color infrared. I carry a 46mm UV, only using it when it's raining out to protect the lens. I'm from the old school that believes that anything in front of the lens will affect image quality and have been shooting pictures this way for over 30 years. I also carry an infrared 88A filter and a polarizer. Additionally I carry Nikon's UR-E7 step up adapter ring to use the 46mm filters on my CoolPix 950 and 990. It's the adapter Nikon sells (if you can find it) to use the WC-E68 on the CoolPix 950 or 990. The last accessory in my filter wallet is a back up 46mm lens cap.

46mm Filter Stack Cap Set
46mm Stack Cap Set

46mm Filters
46mm Filters ready to travel

When I'm pressed for space, I prefer to travel with my filters screwed together using a front and rear 46mm Filter Stack Cap Set. The rear aluminum screw in cap is difficult to find. I'm not even sure if they still manufacture them anymore. But it sure is convenient for saving space and protecting your filters. The front is an easily found plastic 46mm lens cap which I prefer to the aluminum screw in lens caps that take too long to unscrew.
The 46mm rear lens cap can also double as protection for your WC-E68 (CoolPix 5000 wide angle lens) which has the same threads.

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