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Large Capacity Storage Devices

Hi Capacity CompactFlash Storage

192 Meg Compact Flash Card, Type II Adapter, and ImageMate CompactFlash Card Reader

The next thing on your shopping list should be a high capacity CompactFlash card. The 950 ships with an 8mb card and the 990 with a 16mb card. These can only hold one full resolution TIFF image from their respective cameras! Of course, using JPG compression and smaller sized images extend the number of images that can be stored, but nothing gives you the freedom to experiment like a large capacity card. We've used Sandisk cards ranging from 48mb to 192mb. A really big card allows room more than 150 of the highest resolution jpeg images
Since February we've been using a 320 meg Lexar card and find that it substantially faster than the smaller capacity cards we've used. It appears that the larger cards are more efficient and save the images faster.

Lexar 512 Meg CompactFlash Card

Sandisk 512 Meg CompactFlash Card

Both Lexar and Sandisk are coming out with 512 megabyte cards this summer.
Since the summer is over, I should state that I'm now using a 512 megabyte card from Lexar and love the security of never running out of "film".

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