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CoolPix 2500

 I've started a
CoolPix 2500 Portfolio

Nikon CoolPix 2500
I finally had a nice spring day to take some pictures and was impressed by the color and sharpness, even shooting with the macro setting. Look at my CoolPix 2500 Portfolio.
The camera is capable of bright, sharp images, worthy of the Nikon name. But the physical design can work against you if you're not careful. Initially I found it hard to hold steady. There's nothing to rest against your eye when shooting. As with most digital cameras, only holding it with two hands is possible. The Xtend-a-View can fix this if I get it adapted with a longer elastic strap.
Quoted from a forum post:
I picked up the 2500 a couple of weeks ago for those times I don't want to bring the 5000 with me. I've gone on 2 trips and found the camera to be better than I had hoped. The build quality is good, the pictures are turning out very good, it easily fits in a pocket, and it works good just in auto mode but with all of the scene settings I'm getting some very good pictures. The battery life has been terrific also. The only 2 drawbacks I've found are - no viewfinder, but the LCD is easy to see and the focus on the camera is very accurate - no slideshow playback mode, I like to use that when people want to see my pictures, you just have to show them how to scroll through the picturess. I've owned a Canon Elph s100 and Canon A20 for small portable cameras and the 2500 far outperforms either one.
First Impressions
Ships with NikonView 5 but I WON'T install it so don't ask me anything about the software.
It's 18 megabytes on the CD so please STOP E-MAILING ME TO SEND YOU THE PROGRAM
Uses a new thinner proprietary battery EN-EL2
Wrist/Neck Strap attaches to the left hand side (wrong side if you want to use it as a wrist strap) because the right side has the CF/battery door
Lens has no threads for accessories
Seems to have infrared sensitivity. I tested it with the 88A and it has interesting possibilities.
I will also be taking some of the unmodified files for Fuji Frontier prints to see how they look at 4x6 and 8x10
Tripod socket on the bottom
Extend-a-View is compatible (like the CoolPix 5000) but needs more of a strap to go around the camera than to go around the LCD on the 5000 (off to JoAnn Fabrics again)

I've started a CoolPix 2500 Portfolio

Nikon CoolPix 2500

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