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"The Berman Grip" for steady close up photographs of selected subjects without a tripod
Named by Peter iNova

"It's About Color" - CoolPix 4500 set on macro
Macro shooting into stained glass flowers in a shop window. The red and green were the petal and leaf. The blue was the underside of the awning outside the shop eight feet away.

I have a way of holding the camera and subject in my left hand so the relationship to the subject doesn't change, no matter how long the exposure. I use my right hand to press the shutter release.

This was a picture taken out doors of the pliers without a tripod. You can see how the narrow depth of field affects the overall look of the image. That's why it was more a perfect technique for the color stained glass flowers because I wasn't photographing an object, just the color of the object.

There was some unevenness in the blue of the store awning because of the light and the fact that it was old and worn. I selected a shade of blue and painted it in by selecting the blue and using the paint bucket.

This banjo picture was taken exactly the same way. I held both the CoolPix 5000 and the top of the fret board in my left hand and operated the camera with my right hand.

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