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    CHESWICK, PA 15024

  • July 3, 2018

    looking to buy or sell

    Looking to buy or sell. Art show, photography, music stuff. Call me at 412-401-8100 or e-mail me at larry@bermanart.com

    For Sale
    Dynalite professional studio lighting
    requires a DSLR with a hot shoe

    reduced to $600
    actual cost of shipping determined when I drop it off at the post office

    Dynalite M1000XR power pack
    2 Dynalite 2040 heads
    cables and power cord
    2 Dynalite 6.5′ light stands
    2 Dynalite white umbrellas
    Dynalite case
    Wein SSR wireless transmitter (for hot shoe)
    power pack has built in receiver
    sync cord (backup for wireless transmitter)
    Instructions for the power pack and heads

    Dynalite lighting kit

    Dynalite lighting kit

    This is what I used for lighting to photograph artwork up until 2 years ago when I upgraded and it became my backup. I’ve just ordered a new pack and 2 heads so I’m selling this kit. If I’m using an EZCube or any light cube, I position the umbrellas outside the cube at 45 degree angles on the sides.


    For Sale
    Tascam DP008 EX
    Eight track digital recorder
    Like new condition only used once
    too complicated for my purposes
    $125 plus $12 shipping

    Tascam DP008EX digital 8 track recorder


    Looking to buy
    I’m looking for an older Gitzo small tripod
    Either the Gitzo G001 Loisir or Gitzo Weekend Compact 06
    Any older photography enthusiasts that might have one they haven’t used in years and would be willing to sell? I’m also looking for a Gitzo side arm or lateral arm for a series 4 or series 5 aluminum tripod. I’m currently using an older Gitzo G500 tripod for studio work.

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