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  • January 2, 2013

    Heaven or Hell

    Xena spends a lot of time on a table next to my computer. I’ve even changed the way I block out light coming in from the window using a blackout shade so I can raise it and she can look out at the activity next door.

    Xena sitting in front of the window watching the world go by

    She also likes to walk across the laptop on my desk. Since I leave my e-mail program running, sometimes while walking across the keyboard, she opens e-mails.

    Xena between my laptop and the TV remote control

    The other day she opened a pornographic e-mail and then walked across the remote for my TV, which changed the channel to a religious station. I didn’t notice the TV change because I was laughing too much from the porno e-mail she had opened. Mary came in, notice what was on TV and asked why I was watching a religious program. We both had a laugh when I described how Xena first opened a porno e-mail and then changed the TV to religion. I guess Xena can’t decide if she wants to go to heaven or hell. Or maybe she’s just looking for the dog biscuits I have hidden on the other side of the room. Dog biscuits trump sex and religion every time for a smart puppy.

    You can see more pictures of Xena in her own gallery on the web site.

    © Larry Berman