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  • December 7, 2012

    Even Worse jury Images Possible

    Another from the just because you can doesn’t mean you should archive.

    After the iPad came out, and with the popularity of the iPhone, ZAPP had planned on creating an app for artists. That idea was canned a year or so ago. And you can’t upload images through the iPad browser because the iPad has a hidden folder structure.

    But there is a solution
    There is a browser app that allows almost as much control over images as a regular computer browser does. iCab Mobile is a $1.99 app. It allows you to capture an image address so the image can be uploaded to forums. It also allows you to upload images from your own photos (Camera Roll) on an iPad or iPhone. And it tells you the pixel dimensions when you choose the image.

    It works perfectly. I took a picture with my iPhone and was able to upload it directly to my ZAPP profile within minutes through the iCab Mobile browser.

    Lower quality jury images
    That means artists will be able to shoot pictures of their artwork or their booth at a show and upload the images directly to ZAPP. And it might means a significant drop in jury image quality, at least for those artists more enamored with the technology than they care about the quality of their jury images.

    Though I have been getting a lot of iPhone jury images lately, especially from artists who don’t think it’s even necessary to own a digital camera. Those artists really need to understand that using a cell phone camera is not a solution. It’s making it more difficult for them to get into art shows.

    © Larry Berman