Image protection tip #3

Image Slicing to Protect your Images

The above picture has been slices into two separate pictures.

Right clicking and saving would only get half the picture.

The individual image parts load into different cells within the same table

The table has 0 cell padding and 0 cell spacing

If properly optimized, the individual pictures would probably load faster than a full size version.

This is evident in a situation where elements of the image will work better as GIF's instead of JPEG's. For example, for the home page graphic at KnollPhotos.com, I took the graphic and created two GIF slices and one JPEG slice. The resulting file size was a full third smaller because the large areas of a solid color compressed much smaller as GIF's.

You can see the example on this page.

The same picture is shown below with a 2 pixel cell border
so you can see the separation of the images.
Otherwise you would only see it as the images load.

Left side of a sliced image Right side of a sliced image

ImageReady window showing the slices

I've used ImageReady, which is part of Photoshop 6, to slice this image. You can see the slicing too is selected on the tool bar and the slices from the image (above) are visible. ImageReady also uses "Save for Web" to output the sliced images and creates the HTML code for the table the images will reside in so it looks complete.

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