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Instructions for creating a 3D logo from a scanned letterhead or stationary. Visit Willow Brook Leather to see how the graphic components are being used. Scroll down to read the instructions.

Willow Brook Leather home page logo
Home Page Graphic as a 3D Logo

Willow Brook Leather interior page banner
Interior Page Banner as a 3D Logo

Paper Bag that was scanned to create the 3D logo
The client sent this paper bag with his logo


Scanned the paper bag with clients logo (at 300 ppi) and opened in Photoshop. The bag could have easily been photographed with my digital camera to achieve the same results
Selection of background. Holding down the Shift key allows me to keep adding to the background with the selection tool. Necessary because of all the variations in shadows in the wrinkled bag
Paint Bucket Tool to turn the background White (255, 255, 255 RGB)
Inverse selection to clean up the letters and paint brush to turn them Black (0, 0, 0 RGB). Enlarge to a high magnification to go over the selected letters closely
While the letters are still selected added a 1 pixel outside stroke (Edit>Stroke>Outside) in the same color (Black) to make the letters look more bold
When I'm satisfied with the selected letters Copy the selection (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) into a new canvas (File>New) that is larger than the selection
Double click on Layer One to bring up the Layer Style Box
Add a Drop Shadow Style and Bevel and Emboss Style
By clicking on the specific Styles, you can change the properties of the Drop Shadow and Embossed Bevel to suit your taste
Make sure to take notes on your style settings so you can duplicate the results
Crop as close as possible and save as a PSD with active layers so you can modify it in the future if desired
The Home Page Graphic was created by:
Resizing to 72 ppi (pixels per inch)
Flatten the layers
Convert to Index Color (Image>Mode>Index Color)
Choose the transparent color (Image>Mode>Color Table>Pick Transparent Color with Eye-Dropper)
Save For Web as a Gif with Transparency
The Page Banner was created by:
Cropping out the word "Leather" and expanding the canvas to add it to the right side
Adding a Grid (which will not show on the finished image) for perfect placement (View>Show>Grid)
Adjusting the placement of the "Leather" layer by selecting the Move Tool and using the arrow keys for incremental movement one pixel at a time
Resizing to 72 ppi and 600 pixels wide
Flatten Layers - same steps as for the Home Page Graphic resulting in a Transparent Gif

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