Used Artist Cube Van For Sale

Sold November 2001
I originally created this page with the intention of selling my truck on eBay but I ended up selling it out of my driveway

1990 Ford E350 Diesel Cutaway chassis
with 14 foot fully insulated Utilimaster Box
only 325,306 highway miles (young for a diesel)
 11,000 GVW - well maintained
Stereo system not included but will be made available at additional cost

Used to travel to some of the nations top art shows
to sell my photography

Ford Cube Van front view

Ford Cube Van rear view

E-mail or telephone 412-767-8644 for more information

This 1989 Ford cube van has served me faithfully for the past 12 years. Because of the time requirements of our web design business, I only attended 4 art shows this year. It's set up with shelves and a hinged framing table that can frame 30x40's which uses the side door for light. It also has, among other features, a sleeping compartment behind the driver and passenger seats. The cab over area was extended to 48 inches to give room for that sleeping area in front of the sliding door. The sleeping area has a removable center piece to facilitate walking through to the rear and storage on either side.

Ford Cube Van rear inside view

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Framing Table
I used a fisheye lens for this picture
The wall isn't realy curved or the table slanted



Ford Cube Van rear inside view

The rear swing out doors (no overhead room lost because of a roll up door) open up to an area that has room to store your display racks standing up. On the curb side is an area designed to store my Honda generator, extended Mag Liner hand truck and all the hardware for my Craft Hut canopy. Also included is this Midland CB. The shelf system is welded together but can be removed because it uses screws to connect to the walls and ceiling in the box.
This vehicle has been to some of the nations top art shows. Ann Arbor (Michigan), The Plaza (Kansas City), Columbus (Ohio) Arts Festival, Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts, Boston Mills (Ohio), Uptown (Minneapolis), Coconut Grove (Miami).

Rust hole

rusted door
duct tape You don't expect a vehicle this old to come factory fresh. Shown in the picture is the largest rust hole, covered in duct tape. I'm also including the roll of tape used to fix the holes.

cab over storage


Additional pictures of the interior shelving
you can see how it's designed to hold the spare tire

shelves and spare tire

shelves and spare tire

Behind the drivers seat storage
I used a fisheye lens for this picture
The wall isn't really curved

Behind the drivers seat storage

Pictures showing the storage compartment behind the drivers seat. There is also a similar compartment behind the passenger seat. A carpeted piece of wood drops into the space creating a bed. Additionally, on either side are screen windows (behind the gray fabric) that open for ventilation. There is also a piece of gray fabric that hangs above the seats to give privacy when sleeping.

Auto Safe

This auto safe from Crutchfield's catalog is installed in the rear.