Begin Collecting E-mail Addresses Today! 
Even if you don't yet have a site set up, begin an e-mail list. Approximately 50 percent of the people who visit your booth will have an e-mail address. Unlike post office mailings, sending e-mails is virtually cost free. You can send a notice to 1000 people with the same effort as it as it takes to contact one. And what better way to launch a new site than to invite 1000 people who loved your work at shows to the "grand opening"?
 Choose a Catchy Domain Name 
A great domain name can be a magic selling tool. The right name will stick in a person's mind and have a logical association with you, the artist. Jayne DeMarcay was fortunate to find DeMarcay.com was still available. Now her clients can write her at Jayne@Demarcay.com and find her work at www.DeMarcay.com. Laurie Fowler and Bill Thelen decided their own names were too easy to misspell, so we helped them search for a name that described what kind of work they do. Now you can find them at www.FineArtFiber.com. Even if you're not ready to put your work online, don't put off registering a domain name, or you may find someone else has the name. More than 20,000 new domain names are being registered every day.
 Make Your Web Site Hosting Company Really Work for You 
Web server hosting is getting better and cheaper than ever. But not all hosting companies offer the tools you will need to make your site successful. After redesigning the www.MaryMcSweeney.com domain, we moved it to a web server with superior tools and services. Now Mary has access to web server log analysis software which tells her where her web site visitors came from, what they saw at her site, and even what keywords they used in a search engine to find her. All this and we were able to get her monthly hosting fee reduced from $50 to $12.50 per month as well! 
 Successful Web Sites Are Well Promoted Sites 
No matter how great a web site you have, it won't work for you if your potential clients don't visit. Use your art shows to bring people who love your work directly to your site. Use signs, banners, and handouts. Just including your URL on your business card is not enough. Another important source of traffic will be the search engines. Getting top listings is both an art and a science. Check out Mark Mowen's www.LeatherStuff.com site by typing "leather handbag" into any of the top search engines. Or search for "Titanium Wedding Rings" on Yahoo and see how well Chris and Sandy Booth's www.RingsForever.com does. (Chris and Sandy's site has been so successful they have been able to give up art shows entirely!) 
 Make Your Pages Fast Loading 
With the ever-increasing volume of web sites being published, make yours stand out as being consumer friendly. Pages should load as fast as possible and should have logical navigation. How many sites have you visited where it seemed like the pages took forever to load or were confusing to get around? We specialize in creating images that look great and load fast. We just completed redoing Lance Munn's web site www.VicLan.com and the pages now load in half the time they previously did. That's especially important for artists because their web sites generally contain pictures of their artwork.

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