Promoting your Small Business Web Site

"If you build it, they will come" (not unless they know it's there)

A web site is nothing more then a sales tool, like running an ad in the newspaper. It's a venue to market your work. Both are as successful as the thought and planning that goes into them.

Promotional material goes into every envelope that gets mailed out
3-1/3x8-1/2 inches
My dentist puts one of these flyers in every envelope that leaves his office

Capture the NAMES and E-MAIL ADDRESSES of everyone that's interested in your business or might purchase from you in the future

E-mail capture form
Download our e-mail capture form

We have created an e-mail capture form, which can hang on the wall in your store, or just leave it lying on the counter near the register. But remember, you want the names and e-mail addresses of everybody that's interested in your shop, not just the people who purchase.
We use a program called WorldMerge (PC only) which allows you to quickly and easily generate large numbers of personalized e-mail messages using your "internet-ready" database of recipients and a "template" e-mail message. It also enables you to address each recipient by their first name so they don't realize the message is coming from an automated program. As with any e-mail message you send, it could include hyperlinks to specific pages on your web site.

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