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October 14, 2008 - the new Indiana Jones movie was released and I headed to my closest Walmart to purchase it. The Tarentum (PA) Walmart had it featured for $19.96 but I suspected that something was wrong. I asked the girl at the video department register to call the Fox Chapel Walmart and see how much they were selling it for. Considering that they were about fifteen minutes apart, I figured that the price would be the same. The response was that Walmart doesn't do price matching to their own stores. I had to insist three times for the cashier to make the call. Finally another employee told her to do it. The result was that Fox Chapel had it on sale for $13.88, a $6 difference and that's what I paid for it. But I'm sure that they never changed the price on the display and continued to rip their customers off all day. And if they were to do a legitimate price match, the Best Buy across the street from Walmart had the movie on sale for $14.99.
I then asked the girl where the prices come from and was told by the other employee that the home office provides them. The cashier said no and told me that the manager decides what to price new movies.
Anytime I've purchased a high profile new movie from Walmart and not found it on sale, I've always asked for a price match to the next closest Walmart and been able to pay less money for it, so this seems to be the way the Tarentum PA Walmart operates.

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