Pickup Truck Fire on Saxonburg Blvd directly in front of our house

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before they started to put out the fire

Not our problem - fortunately
2:30 AM on Saturday morning March 12th, 2011 we were awakened by a loud noise and then a banging on the front door. There is a hillside across the street from our house and a pickup truck ran off the road up the hillside and then rolled over and lay on it's back burning in the middle of Saxonburg Blvd. A mid 20's couple had gotten out of the wreck and made it to our front porch. We got them inside and called 911. It only took about five minutes before fire engines and paramedics arrived. Fortunately the couple was not seriously injured and our property was untouched. It took about an hour and a half before the pickup truck was taken away and Saxonburg Blvd was opened again,

before they started to put out the fire - close up

The view from our front porch

Firemen putting out the fire

Firemen putting out the fire - close up

pictures taken with a Canon s90 point and shoot camera


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