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Norm Thompson shikari shirt sized incorrectly
Norm Thompson shikari shirt sized incorrectly

I just ordered the short sleeve shikari shirt (made in Thailand) from Norm Thompson. I ordered T/XLG for tall extra large item #21343. Problem is that though I'm just under six foot, the shirt is too short in length and can only be worn casually without tucking it in. This is compared to the exact same shirt I ordered two years ago which is three inches longer. When I called to explain about the shirt being incorrectly sized, I was asked if I wanted to return it. Of course I did, but I also wanted to make them aware of their manufacturing problem. The customer service person went to speak to an supervisor and told me upon return that they had been getting a lot of calls about the sizing of the shikari shirts.

OK, what's wrong with this picture. First of all, they know that the problem exists based on the volume of calls. Second, they did nothing to correct the problem. Third, they still advertise sizes incorrectly both on their web site and in their catalog, and don't even tell people who order by phone that the shirts are not sized correctly.
So basically it appears that they are just dumping the incorrectly manufactured shirts on unsuspecting customers, hoping that they can go through the entire lot without having to deal with the problem.
Seems stupid to trade paying customers for a supplier that's screwing them.

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