The story of the $100 Macy's Gift Card

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We recently went to a wedding. For the first time in over twenty years, I purchased a sport jacket, slacks, shirt and tie. Got them on sale at Penney's. Then the day before the wedding, my wife sent me to the mall to purchase a $100 Macy's gift card for a wedding gift. I proceeded to park in front of Penney's, ran in (I don't listen too well) and purchased a non refundable $100 gift card. Later that day when my wife asked me for the Macy's gift card, I handed her the Penney's bag. We ended up giving the couple a check for $100 instead of the now Penney's gift card.

A few days later I go to Penney's with gift card and receipt in hand thinking I can get my $100 back. Sorry, no refunds on gift cards. In speaking to a manager I happen to mention that I had spent a few hundred dollars a few weeks ago on the clothes I wore to the wedding. No problem she says, if you charged them and have the credit card with you. She proceeds to pull up my purchases and returns $100 worth of clothes. The jacket was $90 and something that was $10 on the receipt. But wait she says, the jacket is now reduced to $56 so we need to return another $34 worth of clothing.

Bottom line, I trade in the $100 gift card and receive a credit on my Amex for $134. But I still don't listen too well.


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