E-mailed to me on 12 July 2010
I see that I am not the only one complaining about the terrible design on your H2O bottles. They are extremely difficult to take off. I had a very hard time with it several times. I had to ask my co-worker today at work to try to take off the top, and she also had to use a tool to get this off. That is totally ridiculous. if you're trying to save $$ you're going to lose out in the end, because I for one, am never going to buy those bottles again, and there are many others that feel the same way. I damaged my nail, and I get too aggravated to even want to drink it by the time it is RIPPED open. So, are you going to try to fix the problem, or let it go? Unhappy consumer
E-mailed to me on 20 June 2007
Was doing a search to find the blue caps sold separately (from the bottle) when I came across your website. Those caps are worse than inconvenient… they are a health hazard. The cap scratches your cheek and can actually draw blood. Wonder if the health department or the FDA might be interested in this fact. These organizations might provide the impetus needed to have them switch back.
Anyway, do you happen to know where I can buy just the caps? My younger sister has a severe case of Multiple Sclerosis and must drink lots of water. When Deer Park replaced their sport caps (the ones that she can pull out with her teeth) with a type that flips up (she can't manage the maneuver) she tried other waters who had the sports cap (Poland Spring for example). However, Deer Park is her favorite kind of water and so she keeps at it despite the trouble the new cap causes her. She had saved a bunch of caps from before they made the change… which she has had her live-in caregiver replace the new caps with… these are getting pretty grimy and tooth-marked. We're looking for somewhere we can buy replacement caps. No Deer Park won't help - even to tell us the name of their old supplier. I've written to them quite a few times… even mounted a little email campaign to get their attention. They couldn't care less. Anyway.. Enough on that unpleasant subject.
Can you tell me where we can get the replacement caps? The bottle cap we need is 3 centimeters in diameter. You can lift up on the inside nipple to release the water inside. Any ideas?

Deer Park - are you paying attention

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You've seen cases of them stacked on pallets at Costco and Sam's Club. Those 28 pack of 8 ounce sport bottles of Deer Park Water. In fact, we go through about seven or eight cases a month.

Last year Deer Park replaced the blue cap (right) with a white cap (left) in what we determine to be an attempt to save a penny on each bottle. The problem (and I hope this page gets their attention) is that the water is very difficult to get out of the bottles with the white caps because they are made cheaper. And to add insult to injury, they have the blue cap bottles shown on their web site.
And to make matters worse, they've changed the cap of the sports bottles (bottom picture) so that two hands are needed to open the cap and hold it out of the way if you want to drink while exercising. My wife informed me that she needs to either use her teeth or a pair of pliers to open the bottles now.

Deer Park - are you paying attention

Deer Park water bottles

Deer Park water bottle cap hazard
The most current version of Deer Park's sports water bottle - Nov 2007

Deer Park water bottle cap hazard

I've filled out the comment forms at both Costco and Sam's Club and hope that the bigger stores can pressure Deer Park to revert back to their original blue cap without that hazard that works as it should.

To contact Deer Park's consumer affairs department
call 800-288-8281

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