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What is stock photography really worth?

Let me preface this by saying that I was a sports photographer in the mid 1970ís. I worked with the New York Nets basketball team the last three years of the ABA, which were the three years that Julius Erving (Dr. J) played for them. Because of that, I have quite a collection of unique Julius Erving pictures that I sell fine art prints of and license for commercial use.

I was recently contacted by a company thatís producing a show on sports collectibles for the Discovery Network. They wanted to license between seven and ten pictures of Julius Erving (and probably some of the other players I photographed) for unlimited use, all markets for ten years. My initial quote was way over what they told me Getty and the Associated Press quoted them. I was told that Getty was willing to take $500 an image for ten years and the Associated Press wanted $175 an image for ten years. Though I had unique images that they wanted to use, they wouldnít pay more than the Associated Press price. Even $500 an image became more than what they wanted to pay.
It's really a shame that photography has been reduced in value over the years to the point where ten year unlimited use nets a photographer less than $10 per year, less than 2% of what the same images would have licensed for ten years ago. And a note to the companies licensing the images; don't put individual photographers with unique images out of business because the agencies that supposedly represent photographers give their work away. Unique and rare should be fostered and rewarded.

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