I recently purchased my first MAC. It's a 20 inch iMAC G5 with a 2GHz processor and a Gig of ram.
All of my comparisons are going to be how it compares to using a calibrated Sony Artisan on a 3.4 GHz PC with 2 Gigs of ram. I'm not so much interested in the speed of Photoshop, but in the accuracy of how the images look across both systems. The Sony Artisan is considered a reference monitor and came with it's own calibration system and is probably the most accurate CRT monitor. If it weren't discontinued I'd buy a second Artisan for my other computer today.
I'll get more into it later when I get Photoshop CS2 and the Spyder 2Pro for the MAC, but currently it's uncalibrated and I'm using Photoshop 7 on the MAC compared to using CS2 on the PC.
For this scan of a mixed media piece, I opened the raw scan on both computers and used the same tools, making judgments based on how the images viewed on screen. Then I brought the MAC image over to the PC and opened the two images side by side in Photoshop and did a screen capture. The right side image is from the iMAC and the left was worked on on the PC. They are almost identical, but the right might be just a hair darker, which can be attributed to the brighter LCD on the iMAC or just the ways the tools were used in Photoshop. I will be doing more accurate comparisons as soon as I get CS2 for the MAC. But for now, it's easy to see that both images are perfectly usable.
PC - iMAC Photoshop comparison

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