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call 412-401-8100 or e-mail Larry Berman
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I'm Larry Berman, a fine art photographer, not a company. I care about the digital images of the people who hire me and treat every image as if it's my own. Read my bio.

Quantity and Quality Slide Scanning or film scanning

35mm slides scanned at 4000PPI using a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000ED, which produces a 50 megabyte TIF file. Slides are scanned to include the entire image area and a small portion of the slide mount so nothing is lost. Color correction is done by hand on a calibrated system. Then the image is saved either in an uncompressed TIF format or maximum quality JPEG. If you want to end up with a file to be printed, I will also size and proportion the images based on your requirements. All scans include color correction. If you're local, after the initial scanning, you are welcome to sit with me while I crop and color correct each image. I can easily make 30x40 prints made from scans of my own 35mm film.

I can also scan batches of family prints. Prints need to be removed from albums and sorted by size and not stick together. The charge for this is relatively inexpensive so please call with a quantity and size for a quote.
There is a $25 handling charge per order which includes mailing you back your slides and including a CD/DVD. The cost of a USB flash drive or Blu-Ray disc is additional.

Please call me (412-401-8100) with the quantity for a quote and to discuss specific cropping or sizes of the color corrected image files. I can prepare and size the corrected images for any use. Any size prints can be made up to 30x40, based on the quality of the original. 4x6 is the most popular size. I can size images for your web site, Facebook, or for Powerpoint presentations. Images can also be converted to CMYK for prepress.

If you're looking for inexpensive, borderless, low resolution, uncorrected scans as JPEGs, I suggest trying an online service like Scan Cafe which can take up to three months.
Transparencies or negatives up to 4x5 and 8x10 can be scanned and color corrected. Prints up to 11x14 can be scanned.
Prints are scanned at 600PPI which is enough resolution for 4x6 prints to create 8x10 prints from the files and 8x10 prints to create 16x20 prints from the files. Quality of prints made from the digital files is relative to the quality of the original scanned prints.

call 412-401-8100 or e-mail Larry Berman

Who am I? I'm Larry Berman. I'm a photographer and artist who has been selling my own photography at art shows for almost 40 years. I photograph artwork for artists in my home photo studio. Since 2004, I've worked with over 5000 artists, scanning and color correcting their artwork slides and digital images so they can jury into fine art shows all over the country, like the Three Rivers Art Festival here in Pittsburgh.

In the mid 1970's I started photographing rock concerts and then sporting events. I was staff photographer for the New York Nets basketball team (remember the red white and blue ball) and have been published in various books and magazines.

call 412-401-8100 or e-mail Larry Berman

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