Picture Highlights from PMA 2002 in Orlando Florida

Cool new Products we Found

Greg Georges and Larry Berman
Greg Georges and Larry Berman
Friday evening prior to PMA 2002

Greg and I spent the afternoon together discussing digital cameras, programs and other business related subjects.

Larry Berman with Joe McNally
Larry Berman with Joe McNally

I met Joe McNally today in the Nikon booth
We'll be doing an interview with him later on this year.

Ralph Gibson at the Leica booth at PMA 2002
Ralph Gibson with Larry Berman
at the Leica booth
Our interview with Ralph Gibson appeared in the
February 2002 issue of Shutterbug Magazine

David Hemingway of Polaroid
David Hemingway with Larry Berman

I was able to spend about a half hour with David Hemingway of Polaroid. David is a very active participant on a major film scanner forum hosted by Tony Sleep.
Larry: What do you think of the whole concept of the Internet, using the forum as a platform for your company.

David: Itís a mutually beneficial platform. It allows Polaroid to get feedback on how their products are accepted, to identify any issues we can correct. It allows us some real time information gathering that would take months to achieve any other way. It also helps by letting the user get feedback quickly and solve problems. Whether they have a service problem or a problem using our software.

Larry: I remember when I had a problem with Windows 2000 on a new computer. It was about 10:00PM on a Saturday night and I couldnít get the scanner to run. Within an hour someone on the forum had posted the solution to my problem. Additionally you had arranged for a Polaroid technician to call me first thing Monday morning. That's unusual procedure for a company the size of Polaroid.

David: First of all with me, itís a labor of love. And the other thing is that I feel it differentiates Polaroid from the other vendors in the business. We consider ourselves easy to get to and try to be customer focused. Itís become another aspect of our support services besides our regular technical support and our 800 calls. We can provide support for the various peer groups on the Internet in the various scanner user groups.

Larry: Do you participate in any other forums besides Tony Sleepís film scanner forum?

David: I do the Leben list as well. Sometimes I do the alt.scanners group. Between Leben and Tony Sleepís list really is where the bulk of the pro film scanner users are. You donít get a lot of flatbed users there. There are some, but itís basically photographers using film scanners as part of their business. Itís an easy way for both Polaroid to help them and for them to get fast timely information. In fact, I have customers that have said that they have bought Polaroid products solely because of the help that theyíve seen me provide other people on the Internet. That given the choice of two products, the kind of support that we give the customer gives them a level of confidence that they canít get anywhere else.

Peter iNova and Larry Berman
Peter iNova and Larry Berman
 Hanging out at the Polaroid booth
That's David Hemingway in the rear on the left

Jay Maisel
Jay Maisel signing prints at the Epson booth

Larry Berman and Jay Maisel
Larry Berman with Jay Maisel

Chris Maher evaluating the software at PMA

Steve Rosenbaum, Larry Berman, Jason Schneider
Steve Rosenbaum, Larry Berman, Jason Schneider
At the Minolta Dinner

Robert Mayer, Chris Maher, Bonnie Paulk, Peter Burian, Larry Berman
Robert Mayer, Chris Maher, Bonnie Paulk, Peter Burian, Larry Berman
Shutterbug Magazine

Larry Berman with George Lepp
Larry Berman with George Lepp
at the Epson booth

Larry Berman with George Lepp and Chris Maher
Larry Berman with George Lepp and Chris Maher

Marcos Salganicoff, Craig Dahlin, Patrick Moorhead of Advantage 3D
Marcos Salganicoff, Craig Dahlin, Patrick Moorhead

The coolest web software we found at PMA. Advantage 3D allows you to create a 360 degree view of an object in streaming java. That means the first picture appears immediately and there's no waiting unlike other software applications where you have to wait for all the pictures to download before the first appears.

Jon Cone with Chris Maher
Jon Cone with Chris Maher

John Buchanan and Larry Berman
John Buchanan from the CoolPix 990 forum

Adobe Photoshop 7
Adobe announced Photoshop 7 this week
Read about the new features (2.9 meg PDF)

The Best Digital Cameras for under $500

MB-E5000 battery pack for the Nikon CoolPix 5000
MB-E5000 battery pack
 for the Nikon CoolPix 5000

Contax N Digital
Contax N Digital
Full frame 24x36mm sensor
in a 6 megapixel camera

Wein Safe Sync
HSHS Wein Safe Sync
now has a hot shoe on top

Velbon Maxi 343E Tripod

The Velbon Maxi 343E Tripod
the perfect balance between size, weight, sturdiness and cost.

Indigo prints - "The future of art in America"

"The Future of Art in America"
a BIG pile of 13x19 inch Indigo prints from HP
about 1250 per hour with a cost of between 35 and 40 cents each

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