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Recovering Images from a Trashed Memory Card
Using PhotoRescue

The latest trial version of PhotoRescue can now be downloaded directly through the links on this page
Berman.zip is the PC link and Bermanmac.zip is the MAC link
New versions uploaded 19 December 2007
with support for
Hasselblad H3D .3FR files, Nikon D3, Canon 40D and many other new cameras.

Purchase the full PC version only $29

Purchase the full MAC version only $29
The best $29 you'll ever spend

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 was recovered using PhotoRescue

February 2002
This past week, my Nikon CoolPix 950 trashed two CompactFlash cards. The first time it happened I blamed the card (320meg 12x Lexar) and was unable to rescue the data myself and sent the card to Lexar. Three days later Lexar sent me a CD of my images and a new CompactFlash card. For the record, they only offer this service for their professional cards. The second time it happened, I was using a 192 meg Sandisk card and found that the card reader would only see 2/3 of the first image. Even trying to see the data through the camera and NikonView wouldn't work. I had read about a program called PhotoRescue. I installed the trial version and was able to see 157 thumbnails. Paying for and installing the full version enabled me to save every image I had taken on that card.
November 2002
I had taken about 100 pictures when the 512 megabyte Lexar 12X card failed in my CoolPix 5000. I was able to save all but three full size images with PhotoRescue. I then sent the card to Lexar and they sent me a CD of over 300 small size 320x240 pixel images. They weren't able to recover any of the full size images. Luckily I used PhotoRescue before sending the card to Lexar.

Test it out. If it can see the images as thumbnails, purchase and run the full version and you will be able to copy the images off the card.

Purchase the full PC version only $29

Purchase the full MAC version only $29
The best $29 you'll ever spend

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