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Modifying the Xtend-a-View to work with the CoolPix 5000

You can order the Xtend-a-View from Photosolve.com
Xtend-a-View on the CoolPix 5000

If you've read through my CoolPix 990 accessory section, you know that I prefer shooting with the LCD viewfinder from Xtend-a-View. This is a much needed accessory for the CoolPix 5000 for a number of reasons. Besides the fact that it's difficult to see the LCD in sunlight, it's also difficult to hold the camera steady if you can't rest the viewfinder against your eye when shooting hand held. Of all the LCD viewfinders on the market I prefer the Xtend-a-View because it's built in magnifier allows me to see exact composition and focus on the LCD.

Xtend-a-View LCD viewfinder
To modify my existing Xtend-a-View, I purchased 1 inch self stick Velcro and 1/2 inch Polyester Braided Elastic from JoAnn Fabrics. The Velcro can be purchased at Home Depot also. But the key is the thickness of the elastic so that the LCD can reverse and lock into place. Important to note, for first time Xtend-a-view users is to apply the supplied Velcro around the three sides where it will rest against the camera to prevent scratches. Existing users already have that Velcro in place. I applied pieces of 1 inch Velcro to the top and bottom of the finder and created an elastic strap that was approximately 4 inches long with one inch of trimmed Velcro at either end. Total cost of the modification was under $5.00 and took about 5 minutes.Please note, I've had to sew the Velcro onto each end because the adhesive didn't hold that well in the cold weather.

Xtend-a-View on the CoolPix 5000

The LCD has been reversed and still locks into place because of the thickness of the elastic

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