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A number of ZAPP shows are requiring prices as part of the image description and ZAPP has added it as a required field. But for a lot of artists, the required field came too late as they've already had their images uploaded and have applied to multiple shows. When completing an application, the images become committed and can't be modified (have their descriptions changed) unless the show you've applied to frees up the application, making it incomplete. The problem is that one show may free up the application but the images remain committed because you've also applied to a different show with the same images. This also applies to a show asking you to add any image descriptions or sizes that were omitted prior to applying.
There are two workarounds.
The first is to upload a second set of images and fill in all the details and use that second set to complete the application for the show that requires the prices.
The second (and easier) workaround is to "Duplicate" the images and add the required information and then switch the images in the application to the ones with the proper details (prices) that the show requires.
I've created the following 4 screen captures to help artists duplicate their images and add the correct details to complete their application.
After saving the changes in the last step, go back to the application and under "apply to this show", you will see your chosen images with checks in the boxes next to them. Switch the checks to the duplicates and click on the link to complete the application.
Another tip.
To make sure you know which is the new duplicated image with the correct descriptive information. On the fourth step where you enter the information for the image, Add something to the name of the image so it stands out in the list of images to pick from to complete the application. For example, I could have changed my image name from "01 Tulips in Crystal Vase" to "01 Tulips in Crystal Vase - dupe". Anything to make the name of the new image stand out from the name of the old image so you don't pick the wrong image to complete your application.
What you can do.
To not run into this problem, make sure to add the descriptions, prices and dimensions to each of the images in your profile prior to applying to a show. You need to be aware of this, especially if you've hired someone to prepare and upload your images because the minimum amount of information necessary to get your images to upload is not enough to satisfy the shows you'll be applying to. For example, I've uploaded images for hundreds of artists and have always added the number "1" to each required field, the minimum amount of information to allow the image to upload. Then I e-mail the artist a link with username and password giving them specific instructions on how to add the required information.

Under manage images, click on the "duplicate" link (red arrow) to create an exact copy of the image that needs to have information added

You will receive a warning asking if you want to duplicate the image.
 Press OK.

Next you will see an enlarged version of the duplicate.
Click on "Modify" (red arrow #1) to add the price (red arrow #2).

Enter the price (red arrow #1) and click on the "Modify Image" button to save your modifications (red arrow #2).

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