No, this is not an Elvis sighting, though a guess money can buy anything. In looking through the 2006 Ann Arbor Art Fair program, I noticed an inconsistency on the artist gallery page. The artist gallery page is a double page spread of 24 advertisements, paid for by exhibiting artists who want their unique work to stand out and be seen by the public attending the art fairs. Low and behold, in the middle of the right hand page was an advertisement for Thomas Kinkade paintings. Thomas Kinkade is probably the most commercial artist of the past century and his work is not available in any of the art fairs, being sold from galleries in every shopping mall in the country and on QVC. Here's a quote from CBS about Kinkade. "He produces paintings by the container load and he is to art what Henry Ford was to the automobile."
Thomas Kinkade is also featured on the Something Awful web site.
Scroll down to see an enlargement of the Kinkade ad.
thomas kinkade as in the 2006 ann arbor art fair program
thomas kinkade as in the 2006 ann arbor art fair program

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