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The Slideroom.com Application System

I did speak to the Slideroom people and they are willing to listen to feedback on the system. In fact the person I spoke to agreed with me and suggested that sending feedback could be the fastest way to get the issue resolved. Send an e-mail to info@slideroom.com with the suggestion of showing the full images in the thumbnail gallery that the artist put together their presentation order from. In fact, you can scroll down to read an official response from Slideroom.
I'm all for competition but whatever system an art show uses for their application needs to consider that jury images are an artists most important asset and must be treated with respect.
While preparing a submission to the Philadelphia Museum or Art Photography Competition, I ran into a logistics problem with Slideroom.com, the web site that the Philadelphia Museum was using for their application. All my images were verticals and each time I uploaded an image, the top and bottom were cropped off so that the image that displayed was horizontal. Dismayed, I looked to their help file to find out what was going on. The answer but not the solution was easily found.
"All uploaded media is displayed as a standardized thumbnail size in the gallery area. Even if your media is not horizontal, the gallery uses a standard format to use the space efficiently. You media has not actually been cropped. You can view a slideshow of your work by clicking on an image, and then clicking view. You can also click the single-view icon in the top right corner."
The problem with using the Slideroom system for art show applications is that the thumbnail page is the only page that shows you all your images together and lets you drag your images around to create the best possible order for submission, which is impossible if the tops and bottoms of all your vertical and square images are cut off.
Artists need to inform any art show contemplating using Slideroom to contact the system and suggest having them change the thumbnail interface. You can see a screen capture of my Slideroom portfolio below.

Slideroom thumbnail gallery crops tops and bottoms off
My thumbnail gallery on Slideroom with heads and feet cut off

If you're curious if I submitted to the Philadelphia Museum of Art competition, I didn't.
Response from Slideroom:
"SlideRoom has a long history improving it's system based on feedback over the last 4 years. In fact, we solicit feedback from artists after every submission. The current thumbnail gallery is a response to requests for a simple preview of uploads to facilitate labeling, arranging and deleting. When reviewed by jurors, the whole artwork is displayed at full size. If the thumbnail-view during preparation is problematic for artists, we would love to get this feedback documented so we can make the necessary changes. SlideRoom prides itself on good design and responding to the needs of its community."

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