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A commonly asked question on the photography forums is what do a photographer has to do to sell prints. Here are some of the things I do, coming from 30 years experience.
What size prints should I offer
I recommending offering all standard sizes up to the largest size your local custom lab can print. There is no rule that you have to do your own printing. I don't print (never have in over 25 years) but have sold my prints successfully for longer than. I regularly sell 30x40s because I offer that size and my lab prints them for me. I offer standard sizes because it's easier (and less expensive) for the person to have it framed. I never ship framed photos.
Signing prints
I sign loose prints I sell on the back with an ultra fine point Sharpie and if matted I sign on the mat in pencil. I also print my copyright at the edge of the paper outside of the image area.
Certificate of authenticity
For my sports print, I include a certificate that specifies I took the picture along with a short bio paragraph and my signature. For my other styles of prints, I don't bother. But a lot of other photographers do, specifying if it's a limited edition and about the archival quality of the materials they use.
Packing and shipping
I pack 8x10 prints flat in an Impact archival bag in a 9x12 envelope between 2 pieces of foam cor or framing board. I pack all larger sizes of loose prints in sturdy shipping tubes from. Matted larger prints get packed in boxes sized for the outer mat size.
Where do I get mats, frames, shipping materials, etc.
I've created a resource web site (for my forum) that has over a hundred resources for marketing photography, including resources for all the different materials and suppliers you can use. Please mention my name if you use any of them. The web site is:


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