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The Role of the Booth Slide in the ZAPP Jury
by Marian Steen

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I am writing to tell about my experience as 1 of 5 jurors for the 2006 Uptown Art Fair. I was amazed at the long hours involved in the process. The ZAPP images were VERY clear and easy to read and ran extremely smoothly.
I also saw how important the booth slide is, especially when there are differences or questions among the jurors. I will try to give examples how the booth slide affect the jurying, at least for me. One artist took consistency to an extreme and sent 4 slides that were so similar, they showed very little creativity. The booth slide, which was to the right of all these extremely same slides, showed diversity in both color and size and the work looked interesting and appealing. The other side of the coin was when the slides looked pretty good and the booth looked cluttered with no work similar to the slides.
One other thing I liked about the ZAPP jurying was on the keyboard you had a choice, yes, no, or maybe. You had to have a lot of no's to get off the jurying, so people with maybes had a chance to be seen at a 2nd round or even a 3rd if need be. This seems better than a number system to me. We didn't really look at the images on the computer, we looked at the big images on the screen and only looked on the computer to mark our answer.

other art show jury reviews

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