Pictures from the 2007 NAIA Directors Conference

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Suzanne Juneau

Paul Germain and Patricia Hecker

George Barfield (Krasl) and Nancy Twigg (Frederick)

Sally Bright and Jay Downie (Main Street Fort Worth)

Margue Esrock (St James Court), Sally Bright and Jay Downie

Diane French and Jay Downie

Nancy Twigg and Bill Godfrey

Donna Potts, Cindy Fitzpatrick and Kara Breitenstein

Diane French, Sara Shambarger and George  Barfield and Katie
Lucas (Columbus)

Kara, Cindy, Donna Potts and Steven King (Des Moines)

Peter Dolece (Oklahoma City) and George

Sara Rishel and Bill Godfrey

Rick Bryant (State College), Bill Godfrey, Pam Lautsch and Sarah Rishel

Tara Brickell and Terri Adams (Cherry Creek) and Woody Jones

Mary Saunders (Reston), Howard and Janet Rose (Rose Squared), Margue Esrock and Peggy Finnegan (Chenango)

Stephen King and Sally Bright

Sara Shambarger and Diane French

Paul Germain and Margue Esrock

Overview of check in room

Woody Jones and Donna Potts

Jay Downie and Michael Brown


Mary Saunders and Sally Bright


Sarah Rishel and Dick Carner

Mary Saunders and Les and Ella Slesnick

Cindy Fitzpatrick, Tara Bricknell and Terry Adams

Theresa Saborsky, Suzanne Juneau and Mary Saunders

Woody Jones and Jay Downie

Woody Jones and Dick Carner

Toni Mann, Sara Shambarger and George  Barfield

Dick Carner and Sarah Rishel





picture page 2

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