With art shows getting more difficult to get accepted into, the artists are looking for any edge they can get. Some are having their jury image evaluated. The problem is that everyone thinks that they're an expert and is eager to offer advice.
My advice is to see what other artists are submitting by attending an open jury (some shows advertise such) or to sit in on a mock jury to get a second opinion from your peers. Additionally, there are shows that project the slides of the accepted artists at their artist parties.
A metal sculptor was rejected from a good art show. The show director offers to evaluate the jury slides of rejected artists. In having his jury slides evaluated, he was told to have his work photographed on an red/orange background. Making sure to do it correctly, he hired a professional photographer and when they were setting up to shoot, they called the show director to make sure that they would use the correct color.
As a result of his efforts, he was rejected from almost every show he used the red/orange background slides for, including every show that the director (who told him to use it) runs.
When he told me the story, I suggested shooting his work on black and lighting it so the edges would be properly defined when projected. He's been accepted into almost every show he's applied to with the new black background images.
This is just another example of a so called "expert" imparting information that doesn't do much to help artists.

matal sculpture by Ron Schmidt

In the top image, your eye clearly gets drawn to the upper left corner away from the art. In the bottom image, you can concentrate on the art without being distracted. The black background allows you to see the subtle colors and makes for a much stronger presentation in the few seconds your images appear in front of a jury.

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