Improving the ZAPP application
helping artists make better decisions

Listing the number of applications received
I think we pretty much agree that outside of a few shows, most art shows will not give us our jury scores. Therefore I'm suggesting to ZAPP that the number of applications each show receives be listed on the page where you go to start your application. You can see what I'm referring to in the picture below circled in red. At least knowing how many artists have applied will give us a chance to calculate the odds of getting accepted - before we apply.
zapp applications received

Improving the ZAPP Monitor Jury Process

Slide show by medium prior to jurying that medium
The way the projection jurying works is that there is a 5 second slide show by medium, (the fastest time the Roku can be set for), prior to the projection of the images in that same medium for the jurors to score. Currently there is no provision for a slide show for the jurors to see before they start scoring artists using monitors. This missing slide show is critical to accurate jurying because the jurors need to establish a baseline before they can accurately enter any scores. After all, how do they know what to score if they don't get a feel for what the competition will be. As a result, this skews the first few scores and possibly cheats artists who might have been scored more accurately in comparison to their peers. On the page where the jurors choose a medium category, there should be an option to see a slide show before starting the scoring. The slide show should be programmed to show all the images of each artist on the same page simultaneously, sequentially moving from artist to artist until the last artist in the category has had their images seen. Then the jurying should start in that same category.
Enlarge to see detail
The projection system using a Roku allows the jurors to stop and zoom in to show detail. In fact, this was one of the original selling features of using the ZAPP system. Currently there is no way to zoom in or enlarge when using monitors to jury. I propose that the 700 pixel images that the jurors see should be linked to the full size 1920 pixel images so that if the jurors choose, they can click on the image to enlarge it to see detail. This picture linked to the full size image doesn't have to be part of the artists interface when they log into their profile, but it needs to be part of the jury process to help jurors make better decisions.

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