My booth slide from the summer 2001 art shows

The canopy I use is from Craft Hut

There are less expensive (but much more flimsy) canopies from companies like E-Z Up

Scroll down to see what the display racks look like without the covers

A page describing how to package your unframed art for display and sale

The display bin for my unframed photographs is only 12 inches deep to take up less space in my booth

The black structure is the desk that I sit behind. It has a few removable shelves that hold various things like my credit card machine and notebook.

A few resources

My booth slide from the summer 2001 art shows
If you're interested, the China Gallery is on my Fine Art web site
Display racks

Handmade display racks made from 1/2 inch
electrical conduit and 1x2 inch turkey wire

 A Few Resources
An example of a digital online jury system
participated in by 12 top exhibiting artists
My booth slide and jury images from two years ago
Sunshine Artist Magazine
The closest thing to a trade magazine that the art show business has. Lists most of the art and craft shows chronologically by location.
The Art Fair Sourcebook
Lists only the best shows in the country
Costs more than a subscription to Sunshine Artist

All photos on this site are available for stock or fine art sales
contact Larry Berman for more information

Slide scanning for ZAPP and other digital jury systems

Jury Slide Photography

1970s ABA and NBA Basketball photographs
specializing in Julius Erving (Dr J) photographs

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