grateful dead I first saw the Grateful Dead in concert at Gaelic Park in the Bronx (New York) on 26 August 1971. It set the tone for the music I've been listening to ever since. grateful dead

jerry Garcia 1972 Stanley theater photograph by Larry Berman
Jerry Garcia - Stanley Theater September 1972
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We had front row center balcony seats. But when we arrived, found that they had set the mix up where our seats were to be, so we were moved to the front row center. I had just gotten a 135mm f2.5 lens for my Pentax SP500 and that's what I used to take this memorable picture of Jerry Garcia.
I spent the early 1970's photographing rock concerts. I sold photographs of Rod Stewart for the music book that accompanied the "Every Picture Tells a Story" album. I had a photograph of Sly Stone appear full page in the NY Times as an ad for a concert.
In 1974 I started photographing sports, specializing in basketball. Within a few months I had become the staff photographer for the ABA New York Nets and have an extensive body of Julius Erving photographs on my sports web site.
Getting back to the Grateful Dead. True to the nature of what the Grateful Dead have stood for, there is free music available in the "tapers section" of their web site every Monday morning.
Besides the "tapers Section", there is an internet radio station at gdradio.net that only plays Grateful Dead related music.
Not wanting to carry my computer around to listen to the streaming music, I had to start experimenting with programs that capture streaming music. Replay Music was the first program I purchased. I worked simply enough but I found that the MP3 files it generated from the Grateful Dead concerts weren't loud enough.on my MP3 player. Not wanting to spend a lot of energy learning about music programs, I was looking for something simple to use that gave me the results I needed. Blaze Media Pro was the next program I purchased. It gave me more control over the music files and I was able to capture streaming music at a louder, but not distorted, volume. Until something easier to use comes along, that's what I'm currently using.

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